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1. 6 days Teriyaki Shop/$79,000/Downey
School, residential, hospital all mix area. Good price.  
2. Teriyaki shop/$109,000/city of Industry
Sunday: closed Mo:$20,000 Rent: $1,906 (including trash, water, CAM) Many office complex and residential area and high school.  
3. Cold Sandwich/$39,000/Downey/sold by 4/30/15
You must see this location with full of potential. Present owner, they have been over 20 years at this location. They have no desire. This is an Asset Sale. If you do cold sand with better mana...  
4. Franchise Teriyaki Shop/$399,000/Upland
Monthly Revenue around $60,000 for sales and good price for this great location. One owner back & forth, staying around 2 hours, almost help-run business. 40% - 50% loan is possible depend on ban...  
5. Chinese Restaurant/$69,000/Upland
This is family business since year of 2000. Opwn 5 and half days only. Well kitchen equipment and fixture with Walk-in cooler and refrigerator Good location for conversion to Chinese, Ramen or Me...  
6. 5 Day Sandwich Shop/$99,000/South Bay Area/in Escrow
Seller is very motivated to sell due to her health problem. It used $1,000 daily sales volume till 2013 before 2 big companies moved out. Great opportunity to purchase with this price for potential w...  
7. 5 day Sandwich Shop/$204,900/Huntington Beach/in Escrow
This is very cozy and neat place. Rent: $1,495 including CAM, water, trash, electricity everything. Net: $7,000 - $8,000 Present owner: 11 years owned Surrounded by several hi-rise and only this ...  
8. Teriyak & Roll/$539,000/LA
Seller almost never go to his store. This is good for investing. Location is Downtown LA. Net income is around $14,000-15,000  
9. Japanese Res/$529,000/Cerritos
This is Good Location, 100 % Help-Run business. ABC License. Manager operates the business. Call for more detail information.  
10. Teriyaki Shop/$109,000/Anaheim
This location is now doing Franchise Teriyaki Shop. But you don't have to do franchise business, put your food or convert to different kind of restaurant as you want. 1,100 s.f All new kitchen e...  
11. Japanese Res./$629,000
This is 100% Help-Run business. 2,600 s.f This is NOT All you can eat. Potential !!!!!!!!!  
12. Franchise Sandwich Shop/$219,000
Franchise Sandwich Shop in Irvine. 1200 s.f Rent : $8,500 including CAM One owner works 20 hours a week, during lunch time only. Good location.  
13. Beer & Chicken Cafe/$199,000/in Escrow
Monthly Gross Sales: $40,000 Net Income : $10,000 7days open 4pm - 1am  
14. Chinese Restaurant/$99,000/Laguna Hills
Chinese owner 11 years doing the business, need to get retired. Monthly between $40,000 to $50,000 2,380 s.f ABC License Owner works 4 days a week  
15. 5 Day sandwich/$69,000/Santa Ana/SOLD
This is almost help-run business. Rent: $2706 inc. CAM Visual location, many offices, industrial area.  
16. Fusion Style Japanese Food/$69,000/Whittier
Present owner have owned 11 years. It used over $50,000 gross sale. Price is negotiable. No ABC 1625 s.f Rent:$3800  
17. Japanese Restaurant/$249,000/Azusa
This is not All You Can Eat. Woman sushi man + one and half more sushi man Nice and neat. 2000 s.f 6 seat of sushi bar  
18. Japanese Restaurant/$439,000/Fullerton
Prime location in Fullerton. Invested around million. Beautiful inside and outside of the business. Hard Liq. Mo. Ave. $75,000  
19. 5 days sandwich Shop / Laguna Hills /$149,000
Huge Business Pare area in city of Laguna Hills. Hood and Grill. If you have experience, you can build higher gross sale with great location and low rent. Old couple have owned 7 years and need r...  
20. 5 Days Sandwich Shop / Santa Fe Spring/ Rent $1,091/SOLD
One old land needs retire. Incredible low rate of rent is only $1,01 including CAM. Hood and Grill with Patio. Potential............................