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1. Chinese Restaurant/$99,000/Laguna Hills
Chinese owner 11 years doing the business, need to get retired. Monthly between $40,000 to $50,000 2,380 s.f ABC License Owner works 4 days a week  
2. 5 Day sandwich/$69,000/Santa Ana
This is almost help-run business. Rent: $2706 inc. CAM Visual location, many offices, industrial area.  
3. Fusion Style Japanese Food/$69,000/Whittier
Present owner have owned 11 years. It used over $50,000 gross sale. Price is negotiable. No ABC 1625 s.f Rent:$3800  
4. Japanese Restaurant/$249,000/Azusa
This is not All You Can Eat. Woman sushi man + one and half more sushi man Nice and neat. 2000 s.f 6 seat of sushi bar  
5. Japanese Restaurant/$439,000/Fullerton
Prime location in Fullerton. Invested around million. Beautiful inside and outside of the business. Hard Liq. Mo. Ave. $75,000  
6. Hamburger Shop / $175,000 / Riverside
It is tradition hamburger shop without teriyaki or taco. High School is across the hamburger, so if you add taco or teriyaki, it will be increasing the sales volume. Free standing with Drive-Thru. Net ...  
7. 5 & half day Sandwich Shop / Lake Forest / $115,000
Cold Sandwiches. Net income is $5,000 + - 2 owner and 1 part time helper.  
8. 5 days sandwich Shop / Laguna Hills /$149,000
Huge Business Pare area in city of Laguna Hills. Hood and Grill. If you have experience, you can build higher gross sale with great location and low rent. Old couple have owned 7 years and need r...  
9. 5 Days Sandwich Shop / Santa Fe Spring/ Rent $1,091
One old land needs retire. Incredible low rate of rent is only $1,01 including CAM. Hood and Grill with Patio. Potential............................  
10. 6 days teriyaki shop / LA / $99,000
6days open. Free Standing with ample parking lot. Good Location.  
11. 5 Days Teriyaki Shop / $99,000 / Irvine
Current Owner cut the business hour with her personal reason. Need longer hours and need more items of food. Potential, Potential.  
12. 5 Days Teriyaki Shop / $159,000 / Huntington Beach
This is Really Great Business. Short hours and low rate of rent. Net income is $7,000 + - One owner + 3 helpers.  
13. Korean Soup Res. / 설렁탕 / $339,000
ABC Lic. Simple Korean Food Menu.  
14. Korean Res / $289,000 /Fullerton
6 Hood and Grill for BBQ. ABC License. Good Location in Fullerton, Buena Park Area.  
15. Korean BBQ / $599,000
Hood 17 Grill 25 Net income is around $20,000.- SBA Loan is Possible.  
16. Cafe/$149,000/Near Cerritos, Hawaiian Garden
This business has ABC permit until 2 am Thursday, Friday and Saturday. During week days can open until 12 midnight. Current owner due to health problem, they close too early. Free standing with beauti...  
17. Fusion Japanese Food/La Habra/$169,000
One woman owner can not handle the business and employees well. Owner Carry is Possible with Good Credit History.  
18. Japanese Restaurant/S. Orange County/$889,000
It is Great Opportunity. Net income $25,000 -$30,000. SBA Loan is upto $540,000.- depends on buyer's credit and experience more or less. Most of customers are young people, they like Roll instead ...  
19. Japanese Restaurant/Valencia/$499,000
Free Standing. Beautiful Patio around the building. It used be manager's operating business. SBA Loan is Possible.  
20. Japanese Restaurant/$119,000/N. Hollywood
6days open, no break time. Net income is around $8,000. Owner works as sushi chef.